An evolution occurs when there is a significant change in form of a particular thing or system. According to Charles Darwin, the evolution of man was major, from ape form to the current man form that we possess, you can point out the difference in our postures, skin textures, mannerism and societal structures.

The last major music evolution in terms of the subject matter of drugs, occurred in the early 90’s. 1992 to be exact.

Why drugs? Why is Mallam talking about drugs? (Drugs in this context would refer to cocaine, weed, Percocet etc) Drugs are a huge part of over lives today, and if you don’t personally use it, you still can’t deny that you see it in your everyday life, on TV, social media, radio.

Back to 1992, the music evolution came in form of an album by a music producer called “The Chronic”.

It was released by Dr. Dre through his then record label, Death Row Records. This album came after Dr. Dre had left his former record label “Ruthless Records” and rap group “Niggaz With Attitude” popularly known as “N.W.A”, I don’t know for a fact if he was trying to be intentional about that or it was merely a coincidence and just vibes, but from the naming of the album to the context of the album encompassed the lifestyle of weed smokers, the album was heavy on funk samples which I think would make someone high on weed to feel better in the mood (the author personally hasn’t tried it).

The album introduced the dogg pound, kurupt and the doggfather himself, snoopdogg. What makes his album iconic is that it was named after a slang for weed trending at that time in the west coast, the album was also about weed amongst other vain themes.

This was head turning and groundbreaking; making an album about an illegal substance and smoking it unapologetically in the music videos. Not that people didn’t smoke weed before this album but it wasn’t publicly embraced as part of the mainstream pop culture but this album made people admit “we smoke weed and we would show you we do”. The makers of this album were pioneers who came and made that weed smoking lifestyle public.

Anyone who came after that with “weed smoking” as a brand selling point was only fueling the movement Dr. Dre started with the aid of his then right-hand man, Snoop Dogg.

Snoop dogg went on to pass the touch to Wiz Khalifa, the father-son relationship run they had went really well. Asides from these weed legends, no one else comes close in infusing weed as a selling point of their brand.

Now this was exactly 30 years ago, publicly admitting you smoke weed now doesn’t have the shock effect it did when Dr. Dre shook the world with “The Chronic”.

You smoke weed? So what? Even Nigerian Politicians do! Even Obama does or did (to be politically correct), Governor Rotimi Akeredolu (Ondo State) is pushing for the legalisation of marijuana farms and some states in the U.S have made the farming and sale of marijuana legal (Snoop dogg, Jay-Z have stakes in weed companies), imagine being in prison for sale of marijuana in the U.S (that’s a a conversation for another day).

So if your plan is to create a shock effect by smoking as a content creator, you’re late to the party. Gone are the days when Fela smoking was head turning and outside the box, if he were alive now he would be happy, him and 365 others now do it publicly.

If you’re a smoker now you’re the box, you’re the norm and I dare make this argument that non-weed smokers are the people outside the box.

Outside the box is unconventional, but when the unconventional is now rampant, it becomes the convention. The penetration of weed amongst the most unusual of characters has led me, the writer to this conclusion.

As a creative if you need any substance to aid your creativity then you’re not as authentic as you think you are.

Unlike what the world would want you to believe, you can do without weed to create. Lari’s C.A.F.E. is dedicated to motivating creators to create by themselves, believe in their conscious & natural ability to make music, design clothes, paint pictures and like what you have just read, write an article without the aid of drugs.

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